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Max For Live arpeggiator: Arpektron

I have owned two Elektron synthesizers, the Monomachine and the Analog Four, two very nice machines even though i have sold them both (mostly due to too many menus resulting in me not using them much). One feature i loved in particular was the arpeggiator that’s implemented in both synthesizers (and in their Octatrack as well). It has a built-in stepsequencer (of variable length) which allows you to skip certain steps in the ongoing arpeggio and to add note-offsets to certain steps, resulting in very interesting melodies and rhythms that are generated on the fly.

I decided to recreate that appreoach using Max For Live, which allows you to create custom audio/midi devices for Ableton Live with Max/MSP. A very first alpha-release of the so-called Arpektron can be found here, and you can listen to a demonstration of the device controlling my MS-20 Mini on SoundCloud.

TypeScript declarations for the Web Audio API

After having done some work on porting Patchwork to Javascript last year using the Web Audio API, a project I departed because of some unsolvable problems (mainly, but not limited to, the custom AudioNodes adding a delay in the audio chain), I recently picked up a small experiment again using said API. Working with TypeScript this time, a declarations file for the Web Audio API was needed and after some searching without any result, I decided to make one myself.

There are some minor issues with it, although they don’t prevent regular use afaik:

  • I coulnd’t get readonly attributes in there using getters without Visual Studio complaining about my syntax. For now, I’ve just made them into regular properties and marked them with a comment so I (or someone else) can change them later on. (Using them as setters will be allowed by Visual Studio, but will logically give an error during runtime).
  • I don’t know how to implement constants (there are two sets of uppercase consts in there), so I also made them into regular attributes.
  • The MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode has an attribute of type MediaStream, which isn’t a part of the Web Audio API (it appears to be defined here). It doesn’t really belong in this file, but since I am not planning on using it, I just added an empty interface to prevent any errors. You should remove it if you have a declaration for the MediaStream API.

Apart from that, it works fine so if you want to do some Web Audio API programming using TypeScript yourself, you may find it useful and you can download the declarations file here.